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Mitsubishi Electric in Malaysia


Air Conditioning

Room Air Conditioners

"I-see sensor", one of Mitsubishi Electric's latest innovative technologies, realizes better air conditioning control. Combining this with other industry-leading energy-saving and silencing technologies, our air conditioners provide optimum performance and room comfort wherever they are installed.

Package Air Conditioners — Mr. Slim

The Mr. Slim series of small- to medium-sized split-type room air conditioners offers the convenience of being compact yet powerful, making it perfect for installation in small stores, shops and restaurants. The inverter-based units promise industry-leading quiet operation and a high coefficient of performance (COP).

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System — City Multi

This commercial-use central air conditioning system offers the luxury of distributed airflow and independent control of indoor units. Design flexibility allows abundant installation variations to ensure a "best match" solution for air conditioning needs in large residences, schools and offices. Consideration for the environment during development resulted in powerful compact units that consume minimal energy, have a high coefficient of performance (COP) and contribute to maximum room comfort.

Energy Recovery Ventilators — Lossnay

Lossnay heat-exchange technology is utilized to produce highly effective ventilation systems that operate with minimal energy loss. The Lossnay core consists of a diaphragm constructed of specially processed paper configured in a cross-flow, plate-fin structure. The advanced heat-transfer and moisture permeability properties of the paper contribute to maximum heat recovery as air circulates through the element. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Air Curtains

The dilemma posed between keeping the door open for customers and keeping the warm air and pollution out of your store or office is solved by Mitsubishi Electric air curtains. A quiet and powerful yet energy-efficient solution, our products provide an enjoyable environment that is clean and comfortable.


Powerful Rotary Compressors, which are suitably designed for various applications, operate smoothly with better performance and durability, even in harsh environments. Advanced Scroll Compressors have been developed using recent 'Frame Compliance Mechanism (FCM)' technology. This state-of-the-art technology helps maximize energy usage, and deliver higher durability, lower noise, and lower vibration by reducing friction. Moreover, our Scroll Compressors can provide better performance in a wide range of operations, and are suitable for use in air conditioning and heating applications as well.

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Commercial Satellites

DS2000 Platform

In response to the dramatic increase in demand for diversified high-speed, large-capacity telecommunications, Mitsubishi Electric developed the DS2000 standard satellite platform for the commercial-use telecommunications and broadcast satellite market. By continuously introducing new telecommunication technologies over the decades, adopting the latest design methods and utilizing state-of-the-art production and testing facilities, Mitsubishi Electric ensures the DS2000 maintains the highest level of reliability.

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Communication Systems

Optical Access System Solutions

Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networks — GE-PON

Fusing Gigabit Ethernet and PON technologies, Mitsubishi Electric GE-PON systems provide economical ultra high-speed access circuits that operate at either 1Gb/s or 2Gb/s. The facilities enable the real-time delivery of highly sought-after next-generation, high-capacity broadband content. The company is currently developing a 10Gb/s system.

Optical Transmission System Solutions

WDM Systems

Mitsubishi Electric's WDM transmission systems provide the additional backbone capacity required for current and future IP networking and broadband access at bandwidths of up to 1.6Tb/s. This equipment simplifies network configurations while simultaneously improving maintainability and dramatically reducing network costs.

40Gb/s Extender Systems

The MF-40GMC relay system is capable of transmitting a 40Gb/s (OC-768/STM-256) signal over distances of more than 40km. The system supports P-P and tandem connection topology, and has an automatic dispersion equalization function that enables easy network installation and a strong FEC framer for error correction and monitoring signal quality.

Optical Submarine Cable Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is an industry leader in the manufacture of submarine cable systems and a prime contractor for actively upgrading existing cables. Optimal system solutions of up to 10Gb/s x 128 wavelengths x 9,000km are available to meet customers' needs.

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Elevators & Escalators


Since the mid-19th century, elevators have played a major role in simultaneously transforming the city skylines of the world, while making daily life more convenient. Mitsubishi Electric elevators have helped contribute to the development of the high-tech cityscapes of modern society, providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building design.


Escalators are large, complicated and expensive installations, and the level of engineering precision and manufacturing standards required to make them work reliably day in and day out is nothing short of phenomenal. These conveyance devices are an integral part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world and are taken for granted on a mass scale. At Mitsubishi Electric, we're not only engaged in constant, ongoing refinement of the technology to protect the investments of customers, we're also pushing the envelope with innovative products like the spiral escalator. Introduced more than 20 years ago, to this day, we remain the only manufacturer that makes these spectacular installations.

World's Highest Class of
Elevator Testing Tower

With the recent increase in the number of high-rise buildings in countries around the world, there is a growing demand for faster, larger capacity elevators. The new SOLAÉ testing tower contributes to the development of elevators that fulfill such demands.

Mitsubishi Electric Inazawa Works (Japan)

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Energy & Environmental Products

Solar Power Systems

Mitsubishi Electric solar power products include photovoltaic modules that harness energy from the sun and disperse it as electricity that can power your home or office. Through solar power technology, the company is promoting the widespread usage of renewable sources of energy. Installing a solar power system in your residence or commercial facility is something you can do to save on energy costs while helping to protect the planet.

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Home Appliances


Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a line-up of world-class refrigerators that combine superb, modern design and highly advanced performance. Some models are equipped with the world's first LED-based "Vitamin Factory through Photosynthesis" technology. Our continually evolving products make the most of the latest developments in food science and technology.


Mitsubishi Electric fans are ingeniously designed and made of special high-quality materials. Advanced production technologies contribute to ensuring that each fan is reliable, durable and cost-efficient. The modern styling fits nicely in virtually any room environment.

Water Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric water pumps fulfill the demands of today's modern lifestyle by delivering reliable water pressure. Mitsubishi Electric pumps are ideal for pressure boosting from water storage tanks. The various types of pumps provide high water pressure to meet daily needs, even when being used for several tasks at the same time. They are designed to have a long lifespan, quiet operation, and low environmental impact.

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Industrial Automation

Automation Systems

Modular Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Featuring one of the largest product line-ups in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric develops PLCs ranging from simple application controllers to high-end automated platforms. A comprehensive array of software tools and networking technologies enables seamless integration with other automation products.

Micro Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Small and cost efficient, micro PLCs have opened up a world of opportunities for manufacturers, with new applications never before considered, such as barriers for security systems and more. Mitsubishi Electric's micro PLCs include one of the world's best-selling cost-effective models, with high compatibility. Each PLC offers a unique benefit, from ultra-small size to wide application versatility.


The MELSERVO Series is equipped with various tuning functions for ultimate performance, and can be used as the drive source for industrial machines utilized in wide-ranging applications.


Inverters are variable-voltage, variable-frequency power supply devices that can easily change the speed of a 3-phase induction motor on command. Our range of products covers a wide variety of application requirements.

Human-machine Interfaces

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) connect engineers and maintenance personnel to real-time factory information. Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad spectrum of operating and monitoring components.

Air Circuit Breakers

Low-voltage air circuit breakers can be used as the main circuit breakers of power distribution systems for buildings, factories, ships, and more, to realize high-level circuit monitoring and friendly networking.

Molded-case Circuit Breakers

Molded-case circuit breakers are utilized to protect low-voltage circuits and wiring by automatically closing circuits when overcurrents or short-circuiting occurs.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Earth-leakage circuit breakers are utilized to prevent electrification and electrical fires caused by short-circuiting in low-voltage indoor environments.

Magnetic Contactors

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a comprehensive range of magnetic contactors that conform to all major international standards and shipping classifications. Their safety, functionality and reliability are evaluated highly by the market.

Industrial Automation Machinery

Laser Processing Machines

Mitsubishi Electric's laser processing machines are equipped with an oscillator developed in-house using our world-leading technology in the field. Each model is designed to respond to a wide variety of user needs.

Electrical Discharge Machines

Mitsubishi Electric's advanced EDM technology is instrumental in the manufacturing of some of today's state-of-the-art medical equipment, semiconductors, electronic devices and next-generation engine technologies.


Having already realized unprecedented levels of productivity and ease of use in high-speed, precision control, Mitsubishi Electric is now renowned for its contributions to the nanometer level of numerical control technology. Featuring rich network and information technology, Mitsubishi Electric CNCs are providing an optimum operating environment for today's most advanced production lines.

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Sanitary Systems

Hand Dryers

Mitsubishi Electric's high-speed hand dryers dry hands completely in a matter of seconds by projecting 'jet blasts' of air onto each side of the hand. An original technology developed for the Japanese market over 15 years ago, our hand dryers are presently gaining popularity worldwide in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other facilities. The energy-efficient, low-noise, high-speed hand dryers bring new levels of convenience and satisfaction to users while saving on operation costs.

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Semiconductors & Devices

Power Devices

Power devices are indispensable for switching currents and maintaining motor control in electrical equipment and appliances. Mitsubishi Electric offers a large selection of power devices for a wide variety of applications ranging from high-current power plants and railcars to low-current air conditioners and refrigerators. In recent years, large expectations are being placed on the development of electrical equipment that contributes to conserving the global environment. Mitsubishi Electric, for its part, is actively helping to reduce power consumption through new power devices such as IGBT modules and intelligent power modules (IPMs) that have a built-in drive circuit and protection circuit.

Optical Devices

The growing popularity of the Internet has led to its rapid expansion, and much faster and larger-capacity communications networks are required to keep up with user demand. The application of high-speed optical devices is essential to meet this need. Mitsubishi Electric is developing and producing optical devices that operate at higher speeds and offer better performance. Known for their quality and reliability, our optical devices are used in a broad range of applications including optical communications, instrumentation, local area networks, and information processing for both consumer and industrial applications. These innovations join a legacy of major Mitsubishi Electric developments including the semiconductor laser in 1963.

High-frequency Devices

Advanced information and communication networks are constantly evolving to keep up with the popularity of mobile telephones, personal computers and the Internet. High-frequency devices are becoming essential for wireless communication at higher speeds and higher capacities in order to provide greater mobility for users. Mitsubishi Electric's broad product line provides optimum solutions for applications ranging from satellites and ground stations to mobile telephone terminals. This infrastructure is forming the backbone of a ubiquitous information network community.

Color TFT-LCD Modules

Thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) modules produced by Mitsubishi Electric are designed for a wide variety of industrial uses such as monitors of measuring instruments, automatic teller machines (ATM), point of sale terminals (POS), factory automation equipment (FA) and more. Designed for high reliability, optimal visibility and enhanced viewing angle, our leading-edge TFT-LCD modules ensure optimum performance and excellent color quality in a broad range of indoor and outdoor operating environments. The technologies behind them bring us one step closer to achieving realistic images with true-to-life colors and clear visibility even in sunlight.

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Transportation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric railway technologies play a major role in the safety and efficiency of electric railway services throughout Japan, the company's international network supplying overseas markets with cutting-edge technologies. We have been providing electrical motors, switches, radio systems and more for electric trains, stations and literally every part of the national rail infrastructure since the first half of the 20th Century. Our engineering and manufacturing, testing and inspection, maintenance and training know-how form the backbone of the world-famous Bullet Train (Shinkansen) system. We're now perfecting magnetic levitation (Maglev) and light-rail transit (LRT) technologies and systems, reflecting our intentions to become a major force in 21st Century transportation.

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Visual Information Systems

Digital Media Equipment


Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive line-up of peripheral devices such as professional digital photo printers and business-use printers for the digital age. Incorporating advanced imaging capabilities, these products reproduce striking, vivid images of extremely high quality while ensuring fast, precise and smooth operation with uncompromising reliability.

Display Walls

Mitsubishi Electric's large-format display walls for control rooms and display applications, both corporate and public, use the latest DLP™* technology to deliver amazingly crystal-clear images with high visibility. In addition to their outstanding brightness and picture quality, these systems combine high reliability and easy maintenance with a newly designed optical engine and a spectrum of performance-enhancing features for a well-balanced image across the entire display wall area. They also incorporate a long-life lamp compatible with 24-hour continuous operation, and are resistant to picture burn-in.
*DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

Indoor LEDs — Resolia

The Resolia™ indoor LED billboard display monitor is a 140-inch diagonal, large monitor that just may be another record setter. It is engineered with high-brightness LEDs and a black matrix, anti-reflective screen that performs even in well lit areas with lots of outdoor light. For any large public space—malls, airports, sports arenas, casinos, lecture halls, convention centers, financial centers—this display monitor turns a blank wall or empty overhead space into an electronic billboard.

Large-scale LED Displays

Diamond Vision Display Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision brand large-scale light-emitting diode (LED) displays literally turn every seat into the best seat in the house. Large indoor arenas and vast outdoor stadiums take on even bigger dimensions with Diamond Vision, which enhances the excitement of sports and entertainment spectacles by putting spectators where the action is. Since 1980, the year we unveiled the world's first large-scale LED screen—at America's Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Los Angeles—Diamond Vision has continually set ever higher standards for picture quality, technological innovation, ease of operation and trouble-free use.

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